Do you want to try your first boba tea but feel stunned by the number of menu options? If that’s the case, then read this article until the end to get an answer to frequently asked questions while ordering?bubble tea near me. 

Is there a plain bubble tea? 

Classic milk tea is the closest variety of plain bubble tea. It’s the original recipe of bubble tea, which is made with black tea, tapioca pearls, milk, and sweetener. Classic milk tea is a pretty popular flavor and can be a good option for those who plan to try boba tea for the first time. If you still prefer not to add toppings to your beverage, then you may feel free to order a bubble tea without boba or toppings.? 

What are the bubble tea toppings? 

Even if their name means otherwise, boba tea toppings refer to the ingredients that sink on the bottom of a cup. Boba, which is also known as tapioca pearls, is the standard topping of boba teas. Most of the time, tapioca pearls come to mind when they hear about bubble tea. But there are some selections that you can choose from, like popping boba, pudding, and fruit jellies.? 

Are fruity teas better than savory teas? 

If we talk about bubble tea, fruit flavors are undoubtedly loved by many people. However, there are still others who like boba drinks with savory flavors more. To determine which bubble tea flavor will be your favorite, you can try ordering something new every time. In terms of savory flavors, some of the frequently ordered options include coconut, taro, red bean, avocado, and coffee.? 

What if you don’t want milk? 

Bubble tea is a drink that can be incredibly customized. Meaning, you can go for the unique flavor that you like without adding any dairy. Other flavors you can choose for boba tea without dairy or milk would be green apple, passion fruit, watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple.? 

Are boba pearls gluten-free? 

Yes, tapioca pearls are gluten-free. Boba pearls are basically made out of cassava starch, which is taken out from the cassava root plant. Fortunately, pure cassava plants don’t have gluten. Because of that, it’s a good substitute for starches rich in gluten if you’re looking for an alternative. Actually, it can be seen in many well-known gluten-free recipes.? 

Are boba peals healthy for people? 

Since boba peals are made out of cassava starch, it has no calories at all. Meaning, tapioca pearls may have carbs for energy, but it has insufficient nutritional value. In the purest form of cassava (without sweetener or brown sugar), boba pearls have about 100 cal. for each ¼ cup. In the end, tapioca pearls are intended to add texture to the boba tea and do not really provide nutritional value. it’s a part of the bubble or boba tea’s novelty. Regardless, a lot of people still enjoy tapioca pearls in their bubble teas that other people think that it’s not complete without it.?